Hello all,
I am at an out of district all day meeting. In lieu of our face to face meeting, you will complete the following tasks during the allotted department meeting time. Don’t forget that our SGOs are to be linked with the Strategic Plan.

Today’s focus: SGO
Final copies with all required signatures are due 10/31/14. Thus, it is imperative that we start the process today and not wait until the next department meeting on 10/21/14.

Task 1
A little different from the one we used last year

Task 2
SGO overview
You probably have questions. Let’s get become familiar with this year’s requirements. It is only two pages but a lot of information. Do not hesitate to read more than once

Task 3
Quality Rubric
This is the rubric that will be used to evaluate your SGO. Let’s get off to a great start and focus on criteria for “good” and “excellent”

Task 4
Baseline Data
Baseline Data Taken from Multiple High Quality Sources to Set Differentiated SGO Targets.

Task 5
This will help you with the assessment piece

PPT from the state- Useful information

Using the new template, brainstorm your SGO and send me your DRAFT to me by Monday 10/13/14 electronically. Please let me know if you want to meet in small clusters (east wing, west wing, a wing, d-wing etc) either afterschool, during preps or during HR. Do not wait until Friday/Monday to ask for a meeting.